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Edmonton Impacts Wins NXL Vegas Open wearing the Messiah 2k19

The canadian squad cruised undefeated through the event to meet Houston Heat in the finals .

This match up , quickly becoming one of the classics of paintball history , promissed a lot of excitement and didn't dissapoint !

Zane Yachimec protecting Impact's backline

The first point of the game seemed to go Heat's way but Nick Leival , with a high-flying bunkering move up the middle and Justin Rabackoff with a casual, over the top pop-up shot to Chad George, thought otherwise. After the initial point , the scales seemed to tip to Impact's favor. The team secured the event trophy with a 3-1 score and Justin Rabackoff, after a very,very solid performance all weekend long , won the title of the event's #TopGun .

Despite fears that the squad may struggle in the first events due to the off season roster changes , Impact showed up in Vegas looking very solid. Relying on their heavy hitters, they came out swinging from game one and ,with less rotation than what we are used to, managed to knock out San Antonio X-Factor and Moscow Red Legion, on their way to the finals ! The performance confirmed what many die-hard Impact fans knew already: the team will be, for yet another year, one of the main contenders for the most prestigious title in paintball, that of the NXL series champion.

The golden squad debuted their first ever Messiah 2k19 custom paintball jerseys , designed specifically for the Vegas event and available in limited numbers at !

Impact debuted their first Messiah 2k19 jersey of the season in their typical gold and grey color combo.

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