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Paintball Sponsors: 6 Tips to Help Get (and Keep) Them

The start of paintball season is a little like feeding time at the zoo. Teams start converging on paintball brands for sponsorship because let’s face it - paintball is not a cheap sport, but it sure as hell is an awesome one. Since you’re reading this, you probably already know that sponsorships are one of the ways that you can make the costs a bit more bearable.

Here are a few tips to keep in mind when approaching sponsors:

#1: First Impressions Count

Player wearing an Anthrax custom paintball jersey.
As you rise through the ranks and your team becomes more visible, your jersey becomes valuable real estate

Think of sponsorship as a job interview. You know that saying… you need to dress for the job you want? Having at least a good set of team jerseys makes you look a lot more professional on and off the field. Not to mention, as you (hopefully) rise through the ranks and your team becomes more visible, your jersey becomes valuable real estate, like a walking billboard for sponsors. A good, eye-catching design also helps. Don’t know how to design? That’s ok, we got you, bud. Drop us a line . Everything is better done with a little style.

#2: Manners Maketh Man

How you behave off the field is as important as how you behave on it. No sponsor wants to be associate with a team that brings trouble - if it’s not something that your dad would be proud of, chances are it’s not going to impress your sponsors either.

#3: Winner Winner Chicken Dinner

Who gets noticed the most? Winners! Nothing screams LOOK AT ME like a stroll onstage to pick up your medals and your very shiny trophy, preferably to the inevitably cliche but awesome tune of Queen’s We Are The Champions. Put in the hours. Train like demons. Watch Nicky T’s Truternology to get more tips to put you in a winner’s mindframe. Whatever it takes to get you there fair and square, ditch the excuses, and just do it, baby. Even if you’re not at the top, the closer you are to the peak, the more noticeable (and sponsor-worthy) you will be. Just starting out or having trouble getting past the bottom tiers? That’s ok, you’re just going to have to work harder, but in the meantime you can always...

#4: Make Some NOISE!

It’s 2019. If your team doesn’t have any online presence, you’ve got some work to do. Sponsors want to be noticed, helping them grow their business is a good thing for them, and a great thing for you. Social media is one of the best ways to do this. Make sure you keep your FB page interesting and updated, and instagram too. At events, be sociable, the more noticeable you are, the better.

#5: Don’t Be Greedy

Know your worth. Asking for free gear when you haven’t even competed in a tournament is… frankly, a waste of time. To make the best of a sponsorship application, you’ll need to know what they can offer you or what you want, and more importantly what YOU can offer THEM. This differs from team to team but having an idea of this and subsequently, what you’re worth (or can convince them you’re worth), will bring your negotiations to a new level.

#6: Sponsorship is a Two-Way Street

WHEN you do get sponsors (or maybe even before), remember to support your sponsors too. Spread the good word, and honor your contracts. If they have a booth at an event, offering to help them with something - setting up, bringing people to the booths, or even just coming and saying you appreciate how good their gear is - all counts, and it all gets noticed. Like karma, you get what you give. Sponsors will be more likely to want to work with you for the long-term (and give you better deals) if they feel like it’s a mutually beneficial relationship rather than a gimme-gimme-gimme one. Side note, this tip works well for significant others too.

At the end of the day, the one thing you should take away from this is that how you present yourself will count with sponsors - whether it’s in your appearance or in your behavior. Respect the game, respect yourselves, and respect your sponsors. Following these tips won’t guarantee sponsorship - Rome wasn’t built in a day - but they will definitely put you on the right path.

Like this article or have questions? Contact us at and let us know what you think!

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