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Paintball team Sunndal Frost - Norway

Updated: Feb 6, 2019

Name of team: Sunndal Frost

Country: Norway

Homefield: Sunndal Paintball Park

Why paintball:

It’s the mix of adrenaline, competition, teamwork and dedication that drove us into paintball.

In some way paintball also chose us, there is no doubt paintball is for everyone.

How long have you been playing: We started playing together in 2015.

What series and division: We play in the Norwegian series NPL/NXS in the 1 st division.

What’s the best thing about your team:

The fact that we are such a goofy bunch of people with humour that covers just about

anything, with the ability to always be serious when it’s needed. Also we have a remarkable

way to be able to get to tournaments, as half the squad works shifts and offshore, and some

are even serving the country in the army. We are good friends and always have fun, come

hell or high water, someone is always making the others smile and laugh.

Most memorable moment: The season of 2016 where we played d2, and managed to take

the win in Hokksund. This we followed up, in the last tournament of the season, with our d1

debut where we played a perfect tournament as the underdog team. We only lost the final

against Devastate and took the 2 nd place first time ever in d1.

Utra Pro jersey designed for team Frost !
Utra Pro jersey designed for team Frost !

Tell us something about your team that we probably don’t know:

Well, our team name Sunndal Frost, it started as a joke. We were driving to a practice, and

Peter decided to buy the FROST CD with Norwegian lyrics...(Frost is the Norwegian name

for the FROZEN movie).We were of course listening to it and singing the "build a snowman" song..  And one time we were thinking about names for our team, and some spidermonkey proposed the idea of Sunndal Frost.. The first idea was to have Elsa (still from Frozen) in the armpits of the jerseys so people could see her when we deadwalked, and a lot of other crazy ideas. But we are really glad we went for the sweet design Anthrax made for us, an actual picture of Sunndalsøra where we reign from, instead of anything FROZEN related. 

Future plans:

That would be to play outside of Norway at some point, but there’s alot going on home with

Sunndal paintballklubb wich we owe everything. So the club is in focus. We have about 5

junior squads that play d2 and d3 which we help and instruct as much as we can. We also

have a middle Norwegian series in the making that are meant for recruitment purposes. The

junior Frost teams will attend many of these events because it’s much easier on them in

terms of travel and adult supervision. AND, we are building a new field where the muricans

had their camp during trident juncture so thanks nato?

Where can we find you: You don’t find us, we find you but do visit our facebook page and

give us a thumbs up :

Why did you choose Anthrax:

Why we chose anthrax.. Have you met Anthrax Norwegian representative Kristine? 

Rumour has it someone said no to her once... No one has seen him since then..

All jokes aside, we chose Anthrax for their quality, customer service, and insane designers.

We heard that Anthrax was very caring for their customers and teams and even the stray

dogs that hang out at their HQ. We have without a doubt experienced it, not only from

Kristine but also from those we have met when some of the players have been abroad

playing or spectating tourneys.

What’s your favourite anthrax product:

Anything with the Frost Design and the cotton hoodie.

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