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Important things to keep in mind about submiting your own design


In case you are familiar with digital design or just want to give it a shot, you can supply us with your own ready to print design.

Before starting your own design, contact our customer service in order to get the correct templates. Our staff will provide guidelines and advice on how to create your own unique design.In order to be able to create your own design, you need to have access to design software like Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Corel Draw or similar software. Don't forget that your designs will have to be sent over to us in editable, layered format! Design files usually are quite big, so you can use any filesharing service, like, to e-mail us your design!

Here is a checklist that you need to consider before submitting your design.

f your design doesn't follow the guidelines, you will have to fix it before submitting it.



  1.  Your design file has to be a layered, editable design format. Files like .ai, .psd, and .pdf work best.

  2.  Your design file should not be in a rasterised file format. Designs submitted in .jpg, .png or similar rasterised format are not accepted.

  3.  Hand drawn or scanned documents are not accepted.

  4. The color mode of your design must be RGB. CMYK mode files are not accepted.

  5. Your design should not exceed 1 GB in size.

  6. The minimum resolution of your design should be 200 DPI and the size of our template should not be altered.

  7. The player names and numbers , for every player, need to be included in a separate layer each. 

  8. Each design should be submitted in a single file. For example submitting a separate design file for each player is not accepted.



Example of how a template looks like (attention , this is not an actual template) :

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