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  • Can i really create clothes with my own design?
    The answer is YES! Imagine our clothes as a white canvas on which you are allowed to design anything you want, in high-resolution and with vibrand, beautyful colors.
  • How can my team become an Anthrax team?
    If you are interested in joining our sponsorship program , please contact us. One of our sales representatives will be charged with discussing your teams needs and you will be briefed in all the details of our sponsorship program. After that you will need to fill in an application form. As soon as the application is reviewed you will receive a reply regarding the level of support we can provide to your team.
  • What is the minimum quantity of products i need to order?
    Surprise : there is no minimum order quantity, you can even order one piece! Ofcourse you can enjoy better prices for large orders, so dont forget to contact us and get a specific quote for your order! The only exception to the "No minimum quantities" rule are the team packs . In order to qualify for a team pack you need to purchase at least 5 packs.
  • How do i create my own design?
    The easiest and recommended way is to let our professional designers create a design for you , under your directions . You will be asked to provide a brief, describing the design idea . After the first draft is ready , you will get the chance to review it and ask for modifications. The process goes on until you are happy with the design. Here is a sample of a design draft : Now, if you are an experienced designer , you can go ahead and really prepare the design on your own. To do this , you need to receive the appropriate design template for each product. To do this , please contact our customer service. Dont forget that customer submited designs need to follow the requirements below : Your design file has to be a layered, editable design format. Files like .ai, .psd, and .pdf work best. Your design file should not be in a rasterised file format. Designs submitted in .jpg, .png or similar rasterised format are not accepted. Hand drawn or scanned documents are not accepted. The color mode of your design must be RGB. CMYK mode files are not accepted. Your design should not exceed 1 GB in size. The minimum resolution of your design should be 200 DPI and the size of our template should not be altered. The player names and numbers , for every athlete, need to be included in a separate layer each. Each design should be submitted in a single file. For example submitting a separate design file for each players is not accepted.
  • How do i submit my order?
    Due to the customized nature of our products, you will need to get in touch with one of our customer service representatives. He/she will guide you through the process of submiting and paying for your order.
  • How can i pay for my order?
    We accept payments by Paypal, credit card payments & bank wire trasfer. Your customer service representative will provide you with all needed details.
  • How long does it take for my clothes to be produced?
    Our average production time is 12 working days. This time can vary depending on our workload. Before placing your order, you will be given a specific time frame in which your order will be completed. If you have a specific date deadline please discuss it with your customer service represantitive BEFORE placing your order!
  • Why are there no prices on your website?
    Our website is intented as a showcase of our product range. Our pricing policy includes different price levels for teams,shops and end users. To avoid confusion we dont display prices. Please get in touch with us to receive a complete pricelist!
  • Will the colors of the products look exactly like they did on my screen?
    Although we use state of the art machinery to match the design colors to the actual printed product, there can be variations on the final outcome. Our experts always try to achieve the best color combinations but factors like screen brightness and screen calibration may cause a difference between what you see on the screen and what is actually being printed. Under this light, we do not accept returns due to color variations. A note on dark shades: If your design uses very dark grey tones mixed in with black tones, you may see it very well on the screen but this difference will be very subtle on the actual fabric. If you want dark grey tones to be visibly different than black ones, please use a lighter tone of grey on the design.
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