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Read the fine print before placing your order !

Custom design

•The fully custom design service doesnt include designing your team logo. If you dont have a team logo design you should start with purchasing a logo design service. 

• If you need more than 6 types of products designed, we'll design the rest of them once you have placed a confirmed order.

• The preparation of the first draft of your design takes about 10 working days. Design amendments take 2 to 3 working days. If , after seeing the first draft , you require a totaly new concept, we will need another 10 working days to present you with another draft.

• Based on your design brief our designers will create a unique design for you and your team. To do this ,  our designers may use images from commercial databases. We can not guarantee in any way the exclusive use of these images by your team. 

•Designs that require hand drawing, 3d rendering or other forms of art, are beyond the scope of this service .

If the quality is not good enough we can try and fix it for you but keep in mind that fixing your logo to the required resolution, or adding any elements to it, applies to further charge.

Semi Custom design

•Preparation of the first draft and design amendments take 2 to 3 working days.

•Other teams are allowed to purchase the same semi custom design, so their jerseys may look similar to yours.

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