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NXL Portugal Invitational: A Paintball Spectacle at Megacampo

The well equiped Megacampo field welcomed players for the opening leg of the European NXL

The NXL Portugal Invitational, held last weekend at the legendary Megacampo, proved to be a phenomenal start to the European paintball season. Nestled near the stunning beaches of Ericeira, this 27-year-old facility showcased why it is revered in the paintball community. With its recent investments and upgrades, Megacampo delivered an unparalleled experience for both players and spectators.

The Venue: Megacampo's Unique Setup

Megacampo’s transformation into a state-of-the-art paintball arena was evident throughout the event. The centerpiece was the unique center stage field, designed with elevated sides that offered perfect views for spectators and staged teams. This stadium-like setup, complete with permanent pits for playing teams and a media tower for live broadcasts, elevated the overall atmosphere to new heights.

Notably, the infrastructure at Megacampo includes a restaurant, WC, and showers, providing much-needed convenience for all participants. The dedicated staff worked tirelessly to maintain cleanliness, ensuring that the staging areas and toilets were spotless throughout the event—an often overlooked yet crucial aspect of successful tournaments.

The elevated staging area offered uninterrupted views on the Pro field

Anthrax Crew Presence

Adding to the event's allure was the presence of the Anthrax crew, who were there to document the event and connect with European Anthrax teams. We do hope that our involvement brought an extra layer of excitement and visibility, capturing the intense moments of the competition and fostering connections within the paintball community.

Event Highlights and Smooth Execution

The NXL Portugal Invitational ran smoothly without any major hitches, a testament to the meticulous planning and execution by the NXL Europe staff. The schedule was adhered to meticulously, with the event wrapping up by 3 PM on Sunday, allowing traveling teams to depart conveniently.

The tournament featured competitions across various divisions, including the Pro and Semi-Pro leagues, the Women's Pro League (WNXL), and the classic 10-man division (ICPL). The results were as thrilling as the matches themselves:

- Pro League: Team Scalp from France clinched the top trophy.

- WNXL: Belladona emerged victorious.

- Semi-Pro: Ballistics from Germany took home the trophy.

- ICPL: Team Expendables from Portugal triumphed.

The field layout allowed for some agressive face-offs


- Professional Facility: Megacampo offered every comfort to the teams, from high-quality fields to essential amenities.

- Prime Location: Close to Ericeira, known for its beautiful beaches and surf culture, participants had access to affordable accommodations and a variety of dining options.

- Smooth Organization: The event's seamless execution reflected the expertise of the NXL Europe staff.

The NXL refs stayed on top of the game for the duration of the event


- Limited Industry Presence: With only two divisions, industry presence was restricted. Although there was demand, NXL remains cautious about expanding to lower divisions.

- Field Location for Semi-Pro: The Semi-Pro field's location required considerable walking, which was inconvenient for teams.

- Low Turnout in WNXL and ICPL: Both divisions saw limited participation, highlighting the need for more intense marketing efforts and incentives.


The NXL Portugal Invitational at Megacampo was a resounding success, setting a high standard for the season. The unique stadium-like field, professional amenities, and smooth organization made it an event to remember. As the paintball community looks forward to the next stop in Birmingham for the British Invitational from July 5th to 7th, the excitement and momentum from Portugal will undoubtedly carry forward.

For detailed results of the Portugal Invitational, please visit

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